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In today’s ROI environment there are a multitude of levels of service.  Everything from Full Service, which is basically handling 100% of the responsibilities, to what is known as a Shared Model Service, where the healthcare facility does all of the on-site tasks from reception to release and the vendor will provide invoicing and collections. In the Shared Model environment, the revenue is shared with the vendor and the healthcare facility.

Part of keeping up with technology and conforming to the needs of requesters and healthcare facilities, requires an ROI vendor to constantly change how it operates.  In today’s environment with remote access, electronic records and paperless environments there are many benefits in performing ROI remotely but very few facilities are without paper or microfilm or without the need of some on-site presence.  This is simply a fact.

Our services are totally tailored to your needs. MMRA conducts a thorough evaluation of each facility’s ROI operations to devise an optimal service plan with maximum benefits.

MMRA can perform its services entirely on-site at a healthcare facility to allow for every aspect of the request to be processed from within an HIM department (including releasing this requested information from your facility which has great benefits). A remote model can also be provided in instances where a healthcare facility is completely or partially electronic, thereby allowing MMRA to perform ROI services securely from its corporate headquarters or another secure location.

Regardless of how the services are performed - on-site or remotely, partially or completely - MMRA employs HIM credentialed professionals to oversee the request process and ensure the strictest adherence to privacy and security regulations. MMRA’s tailored services can also include: record conversions, consultation, special projects, and more.

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Midwest Medical Records Association, Inc. (MMRA) provides healthcare facilities nationwide with reliable and well-managed release of information services.


At MMRA, we strive to go beyond today’s security and compliance standards to ensure patients’ health information remains secure throughout the entire request . . .


Regardless of how services are performed – on-site or remote – MMRA employs HIM credentialed professionals to oversee the request process ensuring the strictest . . .

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