MMRA utilizes cutting edge technology to provide secure ROI solutions

State-of-Art ROI Technology

Healthcare facilities are entering into a new digital age with regards to how protected health information (PHI) is accessed and shared with authorized persons. At MMRA, we strive to go beyond today’s security and compliance standards to ensure patients’ health information remains secure throughout the entire request process from placement to delivery. We continue to meet or exceed industry security standards.

Our ROI reporting technology has been rigorously tested and certified compliant in accordance with the criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. We regularly update and enhance our systems and networks to ensure the transmission of health data remain secure.

Whether a facility’s PHI environment is hybrid (both paper and electronic) or completely electronic, MMRA is able to provide the technology necessary to streamline the release process and operate as a seamless extension of your healthcare facility either on-site or remotely.


IQ Web is Meaningful Use (MU) certified tracking and reporting software for the release of information process. This tested and secure software is included with MMRA’s services and can be used as a standalone system or linked to your healthcare facility’s network. IQ Web enables users to track, trend and report on all populated system fields; features a detailed audit trail to meet HIPAA security guidelines; is adaptable to accommodate facility needs and workflow; and affords better management of the ROI process.


MMRA’s TRACQuest online tracking, payment and delivery portal, TRACQuest, allows users to see the steps in which their request is being processed, whether or not payment is needed, and when the request is available for secure, encrypted download. TRACQuest is streamlining the ROI process and providing an improved experience for patients and requesters in healthcare, insurance, or legal purposes.


MMRA RACTrack, powered by CPR Technologies, Inc., is an easy to use web-based audit tracking tool with no installation or IT resources required. With MMRA RACTrack an HIM department has the ability to track any audits – RAC, MAC, CERT, PERM, etc. – from beginning through end; including rebuttal, appealed and finalized (won/lost) as well as trend and predict audit vulnerabilities to avoid potential audits. This intuitive software also offers these key features:

  • alerts for impending deadlines, tasks to do, DRG and ICD presence, one day stays and more
  • automatically generated appeal letters using built-in or user defined templates
  • auto-population of data entry fields from ADT data, 835,837 remittance data and more
  • interactive electronic dashboards and OLAP Analyzers
  • presentation quality reports and graphs
  • an extension module, with the highest available level, Platinum, which integrates with EHR - Executive Health Resources Group RAC application


Once a request is received data is compiled, paper documents are scanned and stored (permanently until purging is authorized) in MRVIEW® software allowing it to be printed on demand. MMRA provides all the necessary hardware and software for capturing and storing these images.

MRVIEW’s comprehensive audit trail ensures that any information accessed or printed is PERMANENTLY documented and traceable. This helps to further compliance with privacy regulations. MRVIEW can be customized to reproduce information onto any media or release information via the secure portals or SFTP sites. These functions can be particularly helpful when dealing with audits or uploading requests electronically for disability.



MMRA has technology available to bring the HIM department to the patient by using requester kiosks. The secure and user friendly kiosk units can be placed in convenient hospital/clinic locations for requesters to easily and securely request their PHI without wasting time trying to find the HIM department.  Requesters can speak to a receptionist in real-time making it more convenient not only request health information but also obtain it.


Contact MMRA to find out how your facility can streamline PHI requests. 


Coding Management software manages the active coding process for both in-house and remote coders. MRVIEW® automatically assigns records to coders, monitors workflow, and reports productivity. It enables instant messaging between the supervisor and coders, flagging of images, reassignment of images, and split screen to work concurrently with other software. MRVIEW is compatible with all vendors’ encoders and EHRs.


esMD powered by Vyne utilizing FastAttach software can process requested HEALTH INFORMATION documentation for pre- and post-payment Medicare Audits through the esMD gateway to the CMS Medicare Administrative Contractors and Recovery Audit Contractors.  The esMD gateway can be used for RAC, MAC, ZPIC, CERT and PERM audits, ADRs, DME PMD pre-authorization submissions and any future cases CMS implements.  FastAttach tracks all submissions and will provide online delivery confirmations.


MMRA has developed software to minimize the number of phone calls to the HIM department/MMRA from large commercial retrieval companies.  These requesters such as EMSI, PDC, EIS/IR Copy, Exam One, and US Legal can check status on their request if they enter their claim number or MMRA’s request number.  The Status Portal will provide a status of their requests; i.e. received, processed, and completed.

Bi-directional interfaces with many EHR’s, such as EPIC, are utilized with most of our clients to streamline workflow and enhance quality.  This enables MMRA to provide needed information to continue to support accounting of disclosures with all requests. This process creates an efficient method of extracting requested information and diminishes possibilities that could exist in releasing wrong PHI.


PDF REDIRECT software allows the capture of electronic images from most EHR’s and saves as a PDF file. 

PDF TO TIFF CONVERTER software allows the conversion of PDF files to be converted to TIFF files (compressed files).  TIFF files are then imported into MRVIEW for permanent storage, viewing and printing.


Midwest Medical Records Association, Inc. (MMRA) provides healthcare facilities nationwide with reliable and well-managed release of information services.


At MMRA, we strive to go beyond today’s security and compliance standards to ensure patients’ health information remains secure throughout the entire request . . .


Regardless of how services are performed – on-site or remote – MMRA employs HIM credentialed professionals to oversee the request process ensuring the strictest . . .

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